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Pexim Australia Pty Ltd is a progressive Mechanical Engineering Company that provides high quality services to the manufacturing industry. We are a flexible company capable of undertaking contracts for materials handling systems and manufacturing facilities that require multiple disciplines for their successful completion. This includes, although not limited to, Steel and Stainless Steel fabrication, Pneumatics, Machining, Sheet-metal, Electricals, Civil works, Plumbing, Mechanical Design and Consulting. Continuous improvement and high quality at competitive prices remain our highest priorities. With our experience in the manufacturing industry and extensive contacts (suppliers and sub-contractors), we believe that we can provide excellent engineering services at competitive prices whilst improving our environmental performance for the benefit, health and safety of present and future generations.

As a progressive company that is actively concerned with human and environmental health, we are committed to managing the environmental impacts of our operations. Complying with or exceeding accepted environmental practises, including applicable legal and other requirements, is a core component of our company's management. Central to this is minimising the creation of wastes and pollution.

Managing our processes, materials and our people in order to reduce the environmental impacts associated with our work is an important value that we are committed to preserving and improving. Pursuant to this, we are currently implementing an Environmental Management System (EMS) that will allow us to tangibly evaluate our performance and to take measures to continually improve our ability to deal with the environmental impacts of our operations.

The management of Pexim pledges to implement and operate an ISO 14001 certifiable EMS to provide an accessible framework to enhance our performance. With this, we will also be supporting the Victorian Government's 'Industrial Waste Strategy'.

Our major objectives for the EMS are to:

  • Investigate ways to improve our operational energy efficiency.
  • Provide a clean, safe workplace that has reduced/negligible environmental risks associated with it.
  • Reduce air emissions from the site.
  • Reduce, reuse and recycle both material and liquid wastes where appropriate.
  • This policy will be available to all parties that are interested in the performance of our EMS. All employees will be made aware of this Policy and trained in the environmental procedures contained within the EMS, which will be incorporated into core management practises at Pexim.

    Christo Petreski

    Managing Director